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8 Tips for Making Your Wedding Unforgettable

Wedding Shoes, earrings and invitation

Here are eight tips for planning an unforgettable wedding:

Think it Through

As you settle into wedding planning after getting engaged, it's important to carefully consider what you really want. Set aside time with your fiance to work through the following big questions:

  • Do you want a large or small wedding?

  • What season or time of year do you want to get married?

  • Do you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony? Indoor or outdoor reception?

  • Would you prefer a wedding at home or a destination wedding?

  • What styles and themes do you like?

Seek Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, from obvious places like bridal magazines, Facebook and Instagram to less obvious ones like your favourite accessory or colour. Look for inspiration around you and get your creativity flowing. Be careful not to get carried away, though; it's easy to feel overwhelmed by too many photos or colour swatches.

Consider Formality

Think about the atmosphere you want at your wedding. This includes not only how the day feels to you, but how your guests remember it as well. The level of formality helps set the tone for the wedding and also narrows down location sites. If your wedding is formal, then a ballroom is probably more appropriate than the beach.

Focus on Style

After formality, deciding on style is the next step. Your wedding's style or theme also influences a lot of decisions later on, such as flowers, reception decor, and flavors. Consider both your interests and your partner's, and try to agree on something that is a blend of both your preferences. Making your wedding as special and unique as your relationship is an important part of making it an unforgettable day. Specific themes like "rustic western" or "rustic lodge" are usually more helpful than general ones in creating a cohesive wedding.

Pick Colours

Your colour scheme should follow from your chosen style. If a specific colour scheme doesn't stand out to you after picking a style, then choosing colours based on the season is often best. Pastels in spring; bright colours in summer; warm browns, orange, and burgundy in fall; and gold, maroon, dark green, and silver in winter are popular choices. Don't feel limited to one colour; choosing several colours that come together in harmony looks beautiful.

Find the Dress

The right wedding gown highlights the tone of the wedding and helps determine which bridesmaids dresses to choose. Your gown should reflect your personality, style, and body shape. It's often best to start looking with one or two people there to help you, then show your final choice to your friends later.

Plunge into the Details

With the foundation laid, it's time to focus on the centre pieces, invitations, favours, cake, flowers, and the rest of the details. These should reinforce your chosen style and fit together to make a cohesive whole. Invitations are especially important because they are the first thing that communicates the style, mood, and formality of your wedding to your guests.

Always keep in mind that it's your wedding

You are likely to get advice and input from just about everyone on wedding-related matters. This can be helpful at times, but try not to feel overwhelmed by all the suggestions. Remember that you don't need to agree with or follow all of the advice; after all, this is your wedding. Sharing your personalities and relationship is sure to make your wedding unforgettable.

With the help of these wedding planning ideas and tips, you can create a beautiful celebration of love that reflects your relationship and style as a couple. Making the day your own is sure to result in something special to remember for years to come.

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