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How Busy Brides-To- Be Can Use Pinterest To Plan Weddings

Chances are, if you look to the internet for inspiration when it comes to planning events and finding ideas, you've come across Pinterest. The visual scrapbook style of this social media giant lends itself well to hobbyists and DIY types who like to share how-tos and project guides that they find on the web or that they put together themselves. People can create and organise boards by topic, making them available publicly - allowing for collaboration with others - or keeping them private or "secret". For brides-to- be who are strapped for time, it can be a fountain of useful knowledge and insider tips on planning the perfect wedding.

With the massive number of boards out there - in 2015, The Washington Post placed the number of boards dedicated to wedding planning at over 38 million - you should have more than enough material to begin pinning and organising your own set of boards. Here are some tips to keep you on track while you search.

Keep an eye out for boards and pins related to themes, interesting and unique ideas for décor and colour palettes that jump out at you. When you find them, make sure to tag them with relevant captions that will be a good point of reference for you when you come back to them later. Also, even when you find pins that seem tailor-made for your personality and your dream wedding, make sure that you leave room to put your own spin on things.

On that note, if you want to keep your ideas unique and untainted, you can make your wedding plan boards secret so people in your circle don't try to copy you. It also helps keep things under wraps if you haven't gone public with the news yet!

Another thing to watch out for is burning out. With the millions of potential pins and thousands

more being added every day, it might seem an impossible task to keep up with it all. Coupled with the fact that some of the ideas you might be in love with are unrealistic or over your budget, things can sometimes feel like they're out of control. Make sure to know when you've gathered enough pins, and when to start whittling things down to the best possible options.

In the end, remember that all these pins and ideas are only inspiration for the special and unique wedding that you deserve. It's up to you to choose what happens on the day.

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